In March of 2006 Belle and I spent a week volunteering at one of the many camps called set up in New Orleans. Made for Love Cafe was the name of our camp and its main purpose was to provide three meals a day for local people and workers. There were people from all over volunteering and most them lived in tents and tarps during their stay. Everyone used portable restrooms and many people didn't seem to take showers but for those who did there were 4 or 5 showers set up in tents and tarps and the water was heated mainly by solar. While we were driving to the camp we saw a lot of devastation and it was very strange seeing many large stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot abandoned. It was great that we were able to help out but I sometimes feel that we got more out of this experience than we gave back.
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View of camp from a tree house

The main eating area of the camp

Our home during our stay

The camp leader fixing his drum

Chevron gas sign in the yard

New Orleans Local (Joseph) affected by Katrina

People drumming around the fire

Above ground graves

Attitude about Katrina and Levee Board


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