Differentiated Real Estate Marketing
We use an ambitious approach to marketing known as multisegment targeting to ultimately get your property sold quicker and cheaper than a conventional real estate agent. This strategy enables us to achieve wider market coverage through proper positioning. Not only do we get your property sold quicker but also charge half of the commission. Keep in mind that we are not real estate agents or brokers, we simply aid the seller through marketing/advertising to find a buyer.

A Little History
Essentially our marketing venture started out with a complaint from a friend who had several houses in Ft. Worth, TX he wanted to sell but his realtor wasn’t getting anything sold even after a year. After getting the account, we sold our first of several houses within two weeks. We were able to help him find buyers for 24 houses in only 10 months. We are currently in the process of building our own house and are taking a break from the business. However, please feel free to contact us. We just might have some time available for a project or two!


Belle Peña & Thomas Lancaster
(cell) 254-977-2508

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