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I'm getting my electricity hooked up today! Whooo! Hoooo!


I have a main disconnect outside with 16 breaker slots and another box inside with 60 breaker slots. Should have plenty of breakers with room to spare for expansion in the future.


I found these dead elm trees close to the creek near our city park. We thought these would work well for our columns inside the house. Belle and I spent an hour and a half cutting them with a hand saw and then we had to carry them about a quarter mile to the truck. Needless to say, we were worn out after this little ordeal but I think they are going to look great.


The trees are now in place and the walls are framed up. We are thinking of doing glass between the trees for the third opening.


Just finished up most of the plumbing. I integrated a propex expansion system with copper manifolds. The manifolds allow me to have straight run pipes to all fixtures in the house without having fittings within the walls excluding the shower valves.


Here are some various shots of the roughed in plumbing. I will soon be finished with the plumbing and so far this pex system has not had any leaks. Next I will run cat-3 for phone, cat-5 for internet, and speaker wiring. Then, I think it will be about time for insulation and finishing.


Just a shot of the front of the house after being finished and a little landscaped.


Got the insulation for the ceiling of the upstairs master bed area. Should be fun working with fiberglass insulation for a while. Iiiiitchyyyy!!


Now we are putting up the ceiling. How exciting! Ani and Matt are helping over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are using 1"x6" toung and groove pine.


The upstairs ceiling is finished and we are starting to sheetrock.


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