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Billy & Raymond where down visiting for the week. They camped out in the house and helped me out around the house too.


I am about to put the decking on the front balcony roof. Not exactly sure how I am going to do that yet. I think I will need an extra hand for that.


Fortunately Galen was available to come over for a few minutes and help me put up the first large piece of decking. I scooted it up the ladder while he helped maneuver it up on the roof rafters.


I've got the south side of the house primed and ready to be painted. Will be finished painting next week. After the first coat of paint I wall add the gutter and gutter tile adapter attached to 4" PVC. The PVC will run down to the ground and tie into the other PVC pipes from the back roof. They will all end up into two large rain catch tanks at the back of the house. The old water well pipe down to the left will be cut and used for the railing on the front balcony. In about a month to a month and a half I should be finished with the outside of the house and ready get back started on the inside.


Just a random shot looking down from the top of the roof. From this point it is about 28 feet to the ground.


I'm finishing up cutting and grinding the old well pipe for the front balcony railing. About another 40 minutes and I'll be done. It's been a hard days work.


The railing turned out great and we saved a lot of money! Now it's time to unwind at Harry's.


Finally got the back of the house primed. The rain slowed me down but I did get the first coat of paint on the gutters. After I finish the painting, I will add the gutters and rain catch system then finish the balcony. We decided to add a half stucco wall with a slate rock ledge for the back balcony. Not totally sure yet.


Back balcony railing is framed. Next I'll add the sheathing, tyvek stucco wrap, wire, and then stucco the railing. It will have much more privacy than the front balcony. Below are some views from the back balcony.


Looking left from the back balcony.


Looking right from the back balcony.


Juan and I are at it again. First coat of stucco on the back balcony. This should be the last bit of stuccoing for a long time.


Last coat of stucco


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