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Here is a shot of the drainage system under the house. The drains and vents where quite a challenge. I had to cut everything out and re due it three times. Third time was a charm. I finally got it right and it is perfect now.


Here are the vents for the 2 showers, 2 bathroom sinks, and 2 toilets. I am ready to cut the holes in the roof install the last fittings and boots and do my water test. I plug and fill all of the vents and drains with water and test for leaks.


Artie, our friend from Jersey was visiting and helping unload rock and mix concrete for the porch post supports.


Juan and Barbara came down and helped clean up and build the back balcony support system. Juan was working the hardest with his big shovel LOL...


Belle was cutting the boards for the downstairs deck and I was screwing them on.


Juan is about to finish the rock work on the front balcony. It is turning out very nice.


Juan is almost finished with the back balcony rock work. He was using a mixture of 6 shovels of sand and 3 shovels of portland and rock from Fort Davis.


Here I am building the front porch roof.


Juan is getting close to finishing the steps for the entry way. They are going to be beautiful.


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