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Here I am on the roof about to cover the last portion with weather paper.


Mario and I adding the last row of sheathing.


We have about got the house dryed in. What a rough few months. It rained almost every day. I am using tyvek stucco weather wrap. Next, I will put in my windows and chicken wire for the stucco but first I have to get some scaffolding before I do anything else. It is now too far in the air for those little ladders.


Lately I have been working inside because of the rain and the lack of help I need for the outside. I decided to build the stairs so we don't have to walk ladders anymore to go upstairs. It's definitely more fun working on the inside.


All of my windows are in and I am almost finished with the metal roof. Next I will add the porch & balcony plates and stucco wire.


All of the doors and windows are in. The doors turned out great! You are looking at the main front door here.


I am almost finished with all of the interior framing. A few more downstairs walls and I'll be finished. Here you are looking at Belle's closet on the left, the upstairs bath on the right, and the exercise room to the left of the bathroom.


An exterior view of the doors. The downstairs door to the far right is the main front door, the door to the left of it is the office entrance, and the 2nd story door is the quest bedroom balcony.


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