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The cement truck came at 8 in the morning and we had some great friends come to lend a hand. The truck did not have an inch to spare between our travel trailer and the shed but everything went very well and it only took about 3 hours. Sooooo glad the cement footing is finally done. Time to move forward......


Belle took off a half a day from work and we sure needed the help.


I am getting close to finishing my first row of cinder block. I have three more rows after this. This is quite a job.


Another view of my first row of cinder block. I think it is going to turn out very well.


Last row of block! Almost finished!


Look what I caught! A Horny Toad!


Now I am adding the finishing touches on the foundation. Filling the holes with concrete and rebar, adding anchor bolts ever 4 feet, applying stucco and paint to the outside, painting concrete sealer on the inside blocks that will be covered in dirt, and then back filling dirt around the outside wall.


Finally finished with the foundation! In two days my engineered joists will be here and I have to bolt down my foam barrier, termite shield and 2x8s before they get here. Better get back to work!


Another view. It turned out great. It is amazing what one person can do.

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